10 Apr 17     Bartok Violin Concerto No. 2     Wiener Philharmoniker

“a confident technician who impressively executed  the virtuoso passages of the Bartok Concerto. A violinist who lets the artful dissonance flare perfectly, excels in trill figures, performs dance-like moments with airy elegance and allows the delicate phrases to melt away in a whisper”.

Kronen Zeitung Gesamt


10 Apr 18        Recital       Amici Della Musica, Verona

” The talent of this boy, who embraces a precious Stradivarius from 1715, is unquestionable. Technically, violinists are rarely heard playing with such security, some of the most taxing passages to be found in the instrument’s repertoire”

L’Arena, Italy




22 January 22   Concert   Singapore Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Hans Graf           Beethoven Violin Concerto 


" Possessing the maturity and poise belying his 22 years, he carved out a rock solid reading characterised by clean and clear tone, allied with impeccable intonation. His entry was confident, and built on from there. The orchestra’s partnership was discreet, and even in the development section’s darker-hued pages, He weathered the storms with steadfastness and fortitude. Even the romanticised and frankly outsized cadenza by Fritz Kreisler held no terrors for this young man. 

The slow movement seemed like the model of chaste virtue, its prayer-like subject upheld by violin playing in the highest registers. He’s fine control held sway even when it seemed most uncomfortable to do so, and the Rondo finale’s romp provided just the release required. Here, earlier trials and tribulations were cast away in a show of joy and jubilation. A dance-like buoyancy was maintained from start to end, with another implausibly anachronistic cadenza (Kreisler again) adding spice to the proceedings. It nevertheless made for a suitably spectacular end to this most sublime of works. 

Despite a prolonged clamour for an encore, none was forthcoming from the young soloist. After that close to perfect showing of the Beethoven concerto, anything more would have been superfluous."

Chang Tou Liang, Bachtrack


20 November 2021   Concert   Tiroler Symphoniker, Kerem Hasan,conductor      Beethoven: violin concerto

"Zum Auftakt des Abends erklingt Geigenspiel auf Top- niveau. Der Chinese Ziyu He ersetzt den erkrankten Solisten Daniel Lozakovich. Mühelos arbeitet sich der Einspringer durch die irren, rasenden Notenläufe, die sich Beethoven anno 1806 für sein Opus 61, ein Konzert für Violine und Orchester, einfallen hat lassen. Höchst anspruchsvoll, mit etlichen Solopassagen, bei denen das Orchester gänzlich schweigt. He spielt mit geschlossenen Augen, versunken, großartig."


Tiroler Tageszeitung